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For Yoga Teachers

Refine Your Teaching

Scheduled Sessions
Want more? Need some support and a little "push"? I'd love to help! For yoga teachers - new and established.
For Yogis, Athletes, All

Private Sessions

Scheduled Sessions
Yoga students, practitioners, athletes, whomever, who need individual, hands on focus from a career pro who has done private 1:1 work for over 15 years.

What Tune Mentorship Means

“Experienced and Trusted Advisor”

We at TUNE believe that a mentor provides you with the tools, guidance, support, and feedback you need to thrive in your yoga teaching and even in your life.

TUNE's Leslee offers depth of perspective, deep rooted insight from a combination of years of first hand experience in a lifetime of being an athlete and a yogi, teaching yoga for almost two decades, and her fun and effective intellectual curiosity blended with best practices, scientific research, and a knack for continued questioning of patterns and issues. She fosters a being open to new findings and perspectives.

Mentors - like Leslee - are often someone who's gone down the same road you're on currently. With that, she's there to advise you on what she's done - or effectively seen - and what works.

To say there is one list of desired outcomes in the TUNE Mentorship Program would be very narrow-minded and short-sighted, as we have had such a range of curious, inspired and motivated people come through the program.

We would LOVE to work with you.

Leslee Tzrcinski teaching students yoga alignment and posture - Tune Yoga