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Refine Your Teaching

Scheduled Sessions
Price options: $299.00 - $990.00



This is an appointment-based offering that is scheduled either in person or as a Zoom session based on your needs, schedule, and location.
For Yoga Teachers

A tried and true, interactive mentorship in its sixth year that offers feedback and support to refine your skills, bolster your confidence and business savvy, and pushes your growth into a stronger teacher.

For Yoga Teachers - New and Established

Coming out of a training?

There can be a tricky spot between finishing a training (or multiple trainings!) – and actually jumping into teaching. So much learning and information to process. So many questions left unanswered. So many insecurities left to hash through. So hard to become a teacher without community support.

Been teaching a while?

Need some expert guidance, new inspiration, and a strategic refresh?

The success of this mentorship program is that it supports your individual style, goals and objectives with customized feedback to you personally, one on one.

TUNE's Leslee offers depth of perspective, deep rooted insight from a combination of years of first hand experience in a lifetime of being an athlete and a yogi, teaching yoga for almost two decades, and her fun and effective intellectual curiosity blended with best practices, scientific research, and a knack for continued questioning of patterns and issues. She fosters a being open to new findings and perspectives.

Leslee Tzrcinski teaching students yoga alignment and posture - Tune Yoga

Program Overview

You can take a session or two as a stand-alone unit, but we encourage you to sign up for the package of multiple sessions to get the full benefit of mentorship over a longer period of time.

We will nail down some specific areas YOU want to address, such as:

  • Refining alignment in your own body and poses - and understand why those refinements are so important - so you can accurately demonstrate what you're teaching and practicing
  • Continuing to learn precision in terminology and a broader language of benefits to include in classes
  • Continue to delve into anatomy topics to gain confidence in teaching - and sharing - in your authentic voice
  • Continuing to cultivate an ability to “see through the pose” and sharpening observations of students even as they enter/leave the room and what is being presented on the mat
  • Planning class for what you what and are getting hired to teach - athletes, vinyasa, alignment, gentle/restorative, 1:1 sessions, workshops, events, you name it!
  • Whether honing athlete approaches or general yoga class teaching, delving further into smart and creative prop use and great pose modifications
  • Skillful sequencing - even micro-sequencing - within your class plan from beginning to end and the importance of transitions and intentionality
  • Branding and marketing advice (from someone who successfully spent 2 decades in strategic branding with Fortune 50 Clients) and ways to grow your business creatively and efficiently
  • You may also have the opportunity to assist Leslee with a class or workshop as interest and schedules allow
Leslee Tzrcinski teaching students yoga alignment and posture - Tune Yoga

Program Details

  • Each mentorship session will be roughly 2 hours.
  • After payment (in full or deposit):
    • You will receive a questionnaire to describe your goals, objectives and prioritized rank.
    • We will schedule dates and times for each of your session(s). The program doesn't have to be weekly; it can be every other week or monthly.
  • For each session and topic you explore with Leslee, you will receive:
    • A syllabus and recap of your learning objectives
    • A work plan
    • Suggested content for the week(s) between our sessions (will be delivered in varied formats such as videos, PDFs of articles, manuals, worksheets, etc.)
Leslee Tzrcinski teaching students yoga alignment and posture - Tune Yoga

Flexible Options

Sessions are by appointment only, and can be scheduled as:

  • In-person, typically in the Rochester, NY area
  • Via Zoom from anywhere

Please contact us for more details about scheduling your mentorship sessions!

Leslee Tzrcinski teaching yoga alignment and posture - Tune Yoga

We at TUNE believe that a mentor provides you with the tools, guidance, support, and feedback you need to thrive in your yoga teaching and even in your life.