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Yoga+ Athletes

Accessible, applied anatomy targeting athlete’s bodies but very relevant and applicable to all. Understand and teach from how the layers and differing fiber directions of our comprehensive core (front, side, back) dramatically impact both athletic performance and general healthy functional movement.

2024 details and registration coming soon!

Yoga Teacher Training

We combine our talents to offer a life changing, deeper dive into key aspects of the practice. Level up your teaching or your depth of knowledge in your own experience. We have unique subject matter expertise and deep bench training in more sophisticated areas of:

  • yoga philosophy
  • subtle body
  • experiential anatomy and biomechanics
  • pose alignment principles and mobility considerations
  • teaching methodologies and development
  • more advanced asana studies
  • deeper exploration in traditional pranayama practices
  • inclusion
  • yoga business, developing your personal brand
  • and more
2024 details and registration coming soon!

Why Train with Tune?

Our anatomy and biomechanics-focused approach is aimed at helping the curious and passionate get better at what they do - participate or compete in a sport, work with those who do, or meet some another objective. Training with TUNE helps deepen your understanding of the body—how it works, its power to heal, and how it is connected to the mind. The goal is to help you elevate your edge by cultivating a deeper body awareness, cultivating your unique niche, refining your voice, and giving you gains and an edge in sports and in life.