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TUNE Testimonials

Aliceann Wilbur

Head Coach, Women's Soccer, Hobart Williams Smith College, 1st woman in collegiate soccer history to earn 500 career wins; 593 wins put her in first place on the NCAA Division III Women's Soccer all-time list and second among coaches in all divisions of women's soccer; United Soccer Coaches Hall of Fame

"Because Leslee is a former high performing athlete, she understands the needs, physiology and physicality of athletes. She gets it at a deeper, specific level… college athletes resonate with her."

"Sessions with Leslee helped our athletes get through fatigue and injuries. And, the mental impact and mindfulness component and breathing part that goes with it are just as important. It's all tied in. Her mindfulness approach gives the players the ability to harness their mental state while competing.

Her approach is all about elevating athletes and teams' overall level and performance of play. Our college seasons are really compact. College athletes have no sense of exercise science, health or recovery. Leslee helps with that. The players could relax through the regen and recovery we gave them with the yoga. She knows that sports are specific. Her understanding of anatomy and physiology and movement and her willingness to adapt to different sport's needs made the difference. She hones in on making the best use of the time in a session based on the specific demands and needs of that sport.

To maintain a level as a national program, all areas of athletic performance, if you can get a little edge in sports psychology, mindfulness, focus, recovery, and nutrition will help give these athletes a cumulative effect."

Adrienne Lamora

Ironman Triathlete, Acupuncturist

"As a triathlete who was in chronic pain for over a year after such a long and intense race (and worried that I would never be able to race again without pain), I had absolutely no idea how out of balance my body was until I started working with Leslee and I'm FINALLY healed."

"Yoga therapy with Leslee has helped my body FINALLY heal after training for and completing a full distance triathlon. It made me realize how badly my body needed the flexibility and mobility training that I had been neglecting. Leslee is so fun and knowledgeable and I love how she meshes the yoga poses (and breathing exercises) with science-based anatomy and up-to-date research information. Working with Leslee has made me much more aware of my body positioning both during training and in life, which has helped me continue to correct my misalignments off the mat, too. The biggest thing I've learned: I will never make the mistake of skipping the flexibility and mobility training again, and I will continue to work with Leslee so I can keep training and living without injury! She really is amazing at what she does (and she's humble, too!)"

RYT-200HR Yoga Teacher completing our Yoga for Athletes Training / Business Specialization

"The Yoga for Athletes 20-hour training kick-off was superb...I am so in awe of Leslee's wealth of anatomy knowledge, pose technicalities, and complex understanding of the professional athlete life and where/how it intersects with anatomy knowledge."

"Lynne's expertise and passion for partner work and team building is amazing, and her depth of spiritual conviction and dedication to community building continues to inspire me. Will's portion of the training Sunday afternoon was a big highlight for me. He is so inspiring, kind, and motivational."

Scott Edwards

World Master's Champion, Rowing

"Thank you for helping me to get my high blood pressure under control through your yoga practice and instruction, which was the only change I made to my weekly training schedule. It has been life changing."

My doctor of 23 years didn't want to put me on medication but wanted to monitor my rise in blood pressure. During the pandemic my workout regimen did not change - I continued the daily training - with my coach and wife, Evelyn - of cardio and HIIT simply added your weekly community yoga class once per week. Our hydration and eating habits remained the same.

I started taking my blood pressure at home in mid-August. My blood systolic pressure was consistently 140 - 147 and my diastolic pressure was between 88 - 97 with a resting heart rate of 53 - 59. I monitored my blood pressure five to six time per week for 45 days and then took October and November off and started again in December. In December, my numbers were at bit lower on average 136 - 140 and 84 - 90 with a resting heart rate the averaged 51. My readings were always taken around the same time each day within hour hour of each reading. Yoga and yoga snacks had become a weekly part of our exercise routine based upon how your classes made us feel each week after our community class with you via Zoom.

In January, Evelyn and I signed up for you Q1 Workshop, to increase our yoga practice from one day per week to three to four days per week depending upon our work schedule. As we increased our commitment to practicing yoga with you and on our own, we also kept up with our workout regiment, daily diet and hydration practices. During Q1, I have watched my systolic, diastolic and resting heart rate decline, and the only difference in our daily routine has been the addition of yoga three to four times per week. My blood pressure readings are now 121-125 over 76 - 81 with a resting heart rate of 46 on average. I can't wait to go back to my general practitioner and give him the good news."

Bill Elliston

National championships podium professional cyclist for three decades, and multi-decade, winning coach of cyclists of all levels

"Leslee's passion for getting people to embrace yoga principles and realize the strength they have is infectious."

"First hand, I saw a correlation with elite riders practicing yoga with Leslee at cycling camps. All were vocal after yoga sessions about how good they feel and felt it helped performance on the bike. When I do the exercises, it's 100% noticeable."

Tim Unrath

Ultra Marathon Champion

"Leslee is super knowledgeable for athletes."

"Her approach utilizes a lot of technique and attention to form, and that requires a lot of focus. She knows very directly what particular elements of yoga can help with an injury and equally with the process to strengthen the whole body."

Susan James

500+ hour yoga teacher, Ayuvedic health coach, writer, lawyer

"I am a yoga teacher and Leslee is one of MY teachers."

"Working one-on-one with Leslee has given me so much strength and flexibility. We've been working together consistently for three years - via Zoom, pre-Covid! - and her guidance has allowed me to make real, measurable progress. Her depth of knowledge of yoga and the body is unmatched. Her alignment focus is the perfect complement to my style. I work best in intimate community and Leslee understands that. She knows HOW I need to work: lots of encouragement, specific direction, and a lightness of being. She works with my husband too, who has different goals and a different work style, and she knows how to get him to make progress too. She's kind and funny and so real. She is a treasure and my hope is that she and I grow old together!"

Dr. Majid Rabbini

Professor of Electrical Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology, recreational athlete. (*Gifted Leslee a large, gorgeous white orchid)

"Please accept this gift* as just a symbol of my infinite gratitude for the impact you have had on my well-being. A recent MRI showed a severe narrowing of the space between discs from C2 to C7. I also have a "winged scapula" on left side from some underdeveloped muscles. The combination has caused tingling along my left arm and pain in my neck, left back and shoulder. After our private sessions together and your prescribed movements with alignment changes and shifted stance, I'm pain-free with full range of motion. Thank you."