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Private Sessions

Scheduled Sessions
4× Sessions: $599.00



This is an appointment-based offering that is scheduled either in person or as a Zoom session based on your needs, schedule, and location.
For Yogis, Athletes, All

This is a successful, prescriptive and highly customized approach to your needs - hands on for whatever issue or opportunity you chose to bring to your sessions.

No two bodies are alike. That's why at TUNE it's about individual functionality, therapeutics, human performance and authenticity. A private practice should be prescriptive and catered to your needs, such as rehabbing an injury, managing chronic pain, or improving athletic performance.


So many possible objectives from learning yoga basics or coming back to your practice, improving athletic performance, unearthing alignment questions on poses and proper form, rehabbing an injury, or even mastering a more advanced peak posture.


On your bike on an indoor trainer, let's analyze your form, posture, cadence, and overall technique and then off the mat identify weak or tight spots curtailing best performance. TUNE has done this for years very successfully with clients around the US.


In a training plan or class, or lifting weights and struggling with technique or even pain? Let's hop on Zoom and let TUNE assess your form and technique and offer very clear, prescriptive and individualized input on contraindications and strong recommendations on what's best for progress within your unique anatomical nuances and fitness goals.

Leslee teaching private session - Tune Yoga

Leslee working with acupuncture specialist, Ironman triathlete, and Crossfit coach, Adrienne, via Zoom - very effectively helping with chronic sports related pain and optimizing performance goals. Access to recordings of the sessions allowed Adrienne to work on her own between livestream sessions.

Leslee teaching private session - Tune Yoga

Package Details

  • Package includes 4 x 90 minute sessions.
  • Sessions can either be in-person or via Zoom.
  • In-person sessions are location dependent, typically Rochester NY, and at the discretion of the practitioner.
  • Zoom sessions are recorded and you will receive access to the recording for reference.
  • Recommended weekly or bi-weekly cadence.
  • Sessions will be scheduled after purchase and need to be completed within 60 days.
Leslee teaching private session - Tune Yoga