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Core Lit Up

Wednesdays 8:00am - 9:00am Eastern
Registration: $50.00 / month


This class airs live via Zoom at the times shown


Recordings will be available to replay from your My TUNE+ dashboard whenever you like
Weekly Online Class

Revisit the importance of core strength! The truly important third layer "corset" as well as the side body (obliques) and the, arguably most important, layers and layers of back muscles which are KEY to postural form in sports and generalized spinal health and quality functional movement.

Athletes, movers, all objectives, EVERY body... This class is not about the obvious front body "six pack," but rather the strength and stability that comes from the whole core. Always adding new moves and core analysis each month. We repeat old favorites and add new all the time. Phenomenal, safe, effective. I guarantee you'll feel (and be) stronger in your sport and your functional movements in just a few sessions.

Class Specifics

  • Strong focus on core strength
  • May incorporate other areas of the body, posture, alignment, balance, etc.
  • Typically runs for 60 minutes with brief warm up and cool down
  • Livestream is accessible using Zoom
  • Classes are recorded and available for replay from your My TUNE+ dashboard
  • Enroll any time, classes are designed for all levels

Equipment Needs

Not all of these items are used in every class. Don't have something in this list? No problem! Feel free to get creative with substitutions and you can always modify while you build your equipment set.

  • Yoga or other exercise mat
  • 2x yoga blocks
  • Yoga strap or belt
  • Light-weight dumbbells, kettlebells, sand bags, or other hand weights
  • Resistance bands, ideally a few different tensions
  • Foam roller
  • Tennis ball
  • Chair, ideally armless
  • A bit of floor space around your mat and sometimes a wall
Leslee teaching Core Lit Up - Tune Yoga
Classes & Series