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Intro to Yoga+ Cyclists

Enhance Your Training
Digital Content / Self-Paced
Price: $49.00

All Levels

Accessible to all ages and levels, including beginners

Digital Series

Includes a series of videos that can be played from your My TUNE+ dashboard.


This series is flexible, focus on your specific needs at your ideal pace and intensity.
Digital Series

Powering your rides with efficient, effective, and enjoyable moves for strength, maintenance, and recovery.

This package offers a sampling of the most important topics for sports performance, designed specifically for cyclists of all levels and ages. No previous stretching or yoga experience necessary – it’s never too late to add these proven techniques to your training and goal-oriented routine.

There are different objectives in the body of cyclists (all athletes for that matter!) whereby we need a combo of strength AND length.

We guarantee you'll see and feel a difference on the bike, and beyond.

As in all TUNE+ recommendations, here we focus on key areas of mobility, flexibility, strength, posture, and form. All that directly applies to technique, power output, performance and even enjoyment on the bike – whether road or off-road (or even indoor spin) specialties.

Access to 6× Cyclist-Tuned Videos

Get Ready for Your Ride

Dynamic Warm-up, Pre-Ride, Active Recovery

A dynamic warm-up pre-ride "turns on" the engine, warms the muscles, deepens the breath, and gives you important biofeedback to see how you're feeling on a given day. This short and accessible standing sequence zeroes in on key cycling muscle needs like the glutes, quads, and hip flexors. Short and sweet and sooooo goooood. Can be done anywhere - even in your kit / cycling clothes and shoes - using your bike as a support.

Top Three Core Moves for Riding

Tutorial, Form and Technique

TUNE Yoga+ prioritizes form and technique in all movement strategies and approaches. This tutorial helps you "master the basics" and ensure safe, efficient, effective, and sustainable execution of some of our most favorite and proven moves. TUNE joins top coaches, sports scientists and athletes alike who place these three moves at top of list for what you should do properly, and often!

Strengthening Key Cycling Musculature

Active, Power Producing

Absolutely critical to stronger and longer is to ensure the body's comprehensive core isn't an “energy leak” that steals power, speed and comfort, especially late in rides or races. Variety is key here, with a special focus on muscles of the back, which posture experts argue should be 30% stronger than rest of core to eradicate neck and back pain, and provide the pedaling "platform" required for best cycling experience possible. Get at it.

Go-To Stretch Sequence

Anytime, Tension Release, Variations Offered

A favorite sequence of "go-to" yoga and functional movements to repeat often - using these proven tools to release accumulated tension in the body from cycling, and even general life stressors. Two approaches or variations are given with accessible moves that are guaranteed to make a difference in pedal power and overall movement quality.

Tennis Ball Myofascial Release

Active, Muscle Release

While stretching and yoga are great for gains on the bike in both performance and enjoyment, myofascial release techniques are a critical part of the toolbox for marginal gains, training optimization, and overall health and wellness. This is just a start of how TUNE will weave this tissue hydrating and preserving modality into our ways to help get even better.

Cyclist Recovery Sequence

Mellow, Post-Ride, Active Recovery

Training smart means going even harder on effort days and even easier and with better rest on recovery days. This great sequence primes you to release training and riding tension, in the hips, legs and back, while helping prevent pain and injury, and even promote better sleep and immune system function.

Series Details

  • Six instructional videos with a total duration of over two hours
  • A color PDF "Tip Sheet" download for ideas on how to use these videos as part of your training schedule
  • Access to "ask us questions" - ping us if you need clarification; we're here to help make this part of your training work best for YOU

General Tools Needed

  • A yoga mat or similar fitness mat
  • Yoga strap (substitute with a long belt, dog leash or even an old bike tire)
  • 2x Yoga blocks or similar thickness supporting objects
  • Yoga blanket or beach towel
  • Two tennis balls or similar soft rubber coated balls (not a lacrosse nor golf ball)
  • A folding chair or similar, used for balance support and sitting on


B. Elliston

Multi-decade Cat 1 Professional Cyclist; Top National USAC Coach; Sough-After Color Commentator / Announcer at National and International Competitions

Leslee is about technique and form and it requires a lot of focus. She conveys a lot of knowledge, first hand experience, and how it applies to the athlete’s lifestyle. She’s in tune with cyclists and a wide variety of athletes across different levels – I’ve seen it first hand. Her passion for getting people to embrace these benefits and realizing the strength they have is infectious. I saw a correlation at cycling camps with riders practicing yoga at camps. All have been vocal after yoga sessions about how good they feel and felt it helped performance on the bike. When I do the exercises, it’s 100% noticeable.

C. Joyce

Physical Therapist and Competitive Cyclist

Thanks for helping me be more aware of my posture and pelvic position on the bike! I went for a mountain bike ride today and tried out your teachings. Breathing was effortless.

S. Hanson

Competitive Triathlete

I just want to say thanks for the Yoga for Cyclists workshop. I’ve been practicing your fun and functional form technique “keeping my toothpicks unbroken” and making sure my shoulders are gliding down my back. I have remarkably less tightness during and after rides. Looking forward to riding with you this spring!
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