Cat / Cow or Spinal Waves

  • From hands + knees, pause in tabletop for a moment to establish base
  • CAT: tailbone curling under, low belly active, elbows straight, push back up
  • COW: reverse direction lift tailbone, contract back, then lift head/gaze
  • Exhale cat pose, inhale cow pose
  • Repeat 10-20x as you “ride the spinal waves

Option to drop onto forearms if wrist issues or for different sensation

Baby Cobra

  • A wonderful, gentle backbend – don’t overstrive it early in the day
  • Spine long, shoulder blades into back, tailbone sharp toward feet, low belly engages
  • Option to lift knees off floor, or knees down under where they’d be lifted
  • Spine stays long with steady breath
  • Hold 30-60-120 minutes. Repeat 3x

"Proposal Lunge"

  • Not as deep as regular lunge – for quad, TFL, back, psoas
  • Maintain 90 degree angles in legs, with left forward, right knee under right hip
  • KEY: sharpen tailbone down, top of pelvis back, maintain that action entire time
  • Lift arms overhead, shoulders relaxed, gaze forward
  • Then drop front leg hand to prop (couch, chair, hip), gentle sidebend to that side
  • Don’t lose tailbone down action! Hold 15-30 seconds/at least 5-8 long breaths

Standing Crescent

  • Classic sidebend great for QL, hips, spinal health
  • First version hold belt taut/no slack overhead, elbows straight
  • Legs strong, feet pressing down, shoulders relaxed, lean one side exhale, inhale tall
  • Side to side 5-10x keeping outer hips hugging in
  • Drop belt, side bend contracting side arm dropped, let opposite hip move out
  • Pause, breath. 5-10x each sides

Forward Fold - Half + Full

  • With blocks or chair seat under hands if hamstrings/hips tight
  • Legs strong, elbows straight, back toned + active, sternum lifting
  • Inhale there, then exhale release action in back + fold over legs
  • Can front ribs come close or onto front of thighs? Move sit bones wide
  • Head, neck, shoulders relaxed
  • Go back + forth slowly 5x, inhale lift to concave, exhale fold

As with all TUNE YOGA sequences, listen to your body. Don’t hold your breath. Consult a medical professional if experiencing acute or chronic pain and bring a diagnosis back to yoga that will be prescriptive and targeted in the healing process.