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All Levels

Accessible to all ages and levels, including beginners


This workshop is an in-person event
Yoga+ Cycling Workshop

A unique, day long experience to assess and optimize your mobility, strength, and flexibility as it impacts your form on the bike and your power output.

Join TUNE's founder, Leslee, a former pro cyclist, multiple world championship medalist, renowned 7-Eleven / Nike sponsored team member and now cycling coach, as she shares tips and stories on riding fast and having fun at all levels and ages in the great sport of cycling.

Workshop Overview

  • Review required anatomical needs to optimize on the bike position (hamstring length and posterior chain strength)
  • Gain understanding in hip flexor imbalances and ways to gain cadence enhancing mobility
  • Analyze strength requirements of the comprehensive core (especially the back) for pedal power and pain eradication to fight energy leaks that rob best results

Program Focus Areas

  • Cycling specific form requirements for best power (spinal alignment, hip position, etc)
  • Marginal gains through muscle, fascia and soft tissue changes with foam rolling, stretching, massage
  • Anatomy-specific lecture
  • Power output enhancement with access to under-utilized / “shut-off” muscles
  • Rebalancing over-used muscles from hours of training and racing/riding
  • Injury pre-hab or re-hab to keep you going faster, longer

All Levels welcome and will benefit uniquely

  • Junior riders gain heightened body awareness and new understanding of stability, control, and access
  • Masters riders stay in the game longer; aging bodies require new tools; it's never too late
  • All riders benefit from these marginal gains; this being a HUGE place to elevate your edge for your goals and unique needs

Event includes

  • Full day instruction
  • Gourmet lunch with time to relax and/or Q&A time with Leslee, others
  • Printed, four color manual for use during the weekend and reference long afterward

Pro cyclists around the world use mobility training to gain access to muscle range and strength. Sepp Kuss, winner of the 2023 Vuelta a España, is known to espouse the virtues of mobility and flexibility work, even posting images on his IG social media exploring range of motion in joint and muscle assessments.

Registration Has Ended
Workshops & Retreats