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Menopause: Yoga & Empowerment

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Available May 1st

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Digital Guide

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Digital Guide

Designed for women that are coming into (peri) or out of (post) menopause, this digital guide includes informative details and yoga poses designed to help individuals as well as those working with women.

Yoga & Empowerment for Pre / Post Menopause - this is not about men or pausing! (ha ha). This guide is PACKED with amazing content for students of all levels and yoga teachers / teacher trainees. It's empowering to have knowledge when we feel so out of control – and even out of our bodies.

Curated with very specific and prescriptive poses for cooling, calming, focusing; as well as for accessing muscles like the inner groins, low back and waist, all designed to facilitate ease in navigating YOUR unique menopause journey.

A robust, informational digital guide that offers a variety of poses – some active, many gentle/restorative, to help ease the symptoms of this transition with knowledge, acceptance and grace. Poses and sequences are planned for during the toughest symptoms and then sharpening again with a newfound power and perspective, with a “why” we are doing these pose families — including standing poses, seated forward extensions, twists, backbends, inversions, wide legged poses, and restorative postures.

I've learned from great teachers in this realm, including Senior Iyengar teachers Bobby Clennell and Patricia Walden, who both studied directly with BKS Iyengar and, particularly, his daughter, Geeta Iyengar who dedicated her international teaching focused on deep therapeutics for women's health. This is also REALLY informed by my own tough journey — anecdotes of my experience as a former world class athlete who fused my journey with research and science — through the peri, meno and post-menopause transitions.

Leslee teaching Menopause Yoga and Empowerment - Tune Yoga


  • Research and science based information
  • Gentle / restorative yoga poses
  • Active yoga poses
Leslee teaching Menopause Yoga and Empowerment - Tune Yoga
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